Manchester – The Ideal City Break Destination This Summer

If you’re looking to take a cultural city break in the UK this summer, you’ll certainly have many destinations to choose from. Why not choose a city that has it all – from the very best in music, performance arts, and cultural activities to a truly unique sense of character and style? If this sounds like the perfect city getaway to you, pack your bags and get ready to travel to Manchester.

Manchester popstar party  is often regarded as a travel destination perfect for music lovers. After all, many well known musicians cultivated their talent in the city of Manchester. However, Manchester has so much more to offer the holidaymaker – from museums and galleries to eccentric shopping and nightlife opportunities. In short, no matter what type of city break you’re after, Manchester is sure to deliver.

Interested in the arts? Don’t miss Manchester’s International Festival. Running from July 2-19, the International Festival will display a range of original, new work, in addition to hosting special events. Another city event – The Not Part of The Festival – will run from July 2 – 18th as a unique fringe event. Created in response to the International Festival, The Not Part of The Festival has been gaining great acclaim since it was started three years ago.

Perhaps you’d like to experience the city’s majestic sights – in which case, you’ll have much to look forward too. Manchester is famous for a wide array of landmarks and architectural styles, ranging from Victorian and gothic to contemporary. Visit Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square, the Palace of Westminster, the B of Bang landmark in Sportcity, and a range of other spectacular popstar party !

As anyone could likely guess, Manchester is also a fantastic city in which to shop. With high street stores and boutiques ranging from chic and sleek to funky and fashionable, Manchester’s shopping scene has something for everyone. If you’re looking for something that’s truly one of a kind, head to Saturday’s Tib Street fashion market. Alternatively, browse the vintage boutiques in the city’s Northern Quarter. And if you’re looking for an indulgent shopping experience, head to Harvey Nichols – where you can shop all the hottest designs, then relax with a tasty cocktail.

So, don’t delay your fantastic city break. Start planning your getaway in Manchester today, and you could be taking in the sights, sounds, and truly unique feel of this city of culture in no time.

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Phang Nga Bay – James Bond Island

In the southern part of Thailand, just a little north of the island of  Phuket on the mainland is the city of Phang-nga. Phan-nga is a small province, but it is a great place for tourists, especially sea and beach lovers.

One of the island was used as one of the movie locations by the James Bond island tours  movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Lots of many small islands have got some shapes that look like chimneys with trees growing on top. One of these islands was used as the hideout of the villain in the movie.

The islands of Phang-nga consist of many beautiful small islands. Some of the islands have beautiful beaches and many of them have caves that are large enough for tourists to explore. Tourists can take boat tours to visit these islands. Many of beaches are large enough and a great site for the tourist to stop on and have picnics. However, some of the islands have no beaches.

Each island has got its own uniqueness shape. Some of them look like tall poles emerging from the ocean or have got caves created by the erosion of the ocean water flowing through them. Tourists can swim right through the caves, and enjoy exploring the beautiful and fascinating sea life living in the caves.

Tourists can also choose to take a boat tours to visit these fascinating islands at Phuket. Tourists can contact James Bond island tours or agencies in Phuket. They will assist you where to go to join a boat tour of the Phang-nga islands. So, give yourself a reward by visiting Phang-nga on the next vacation of yours. Taking a boat tour to visit these beautiful islands, and you will see nature in its most beautiful and interesting perspectives that you are waiting for.

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Birthday Gift For Your Friend

Is one of your friend’s birthdays coming up? Are you stuck on what you should get him or her? Well have you ever thought about getting your friend a birthday greeting card? A birthday greeting card is a great item to give to a friend on his or her birthday. Sending a sweet and simple message will be enjoyable for them on their birthday. Another idea that you might be interested in doing is giving them a thoughtful letter. A letter would be another great idea.

Sometimes in our very busy schedules we tend to not see all of our friends that often. Nowadays getting a letter is very rare so giving someone a letter can be seen as very heartfelt. You might even write it referring to how much you value their friendship it’s just something that is very cute and your friend will be very surprised about your letter. Another gift you could get for your friend is a magazine subscription. This would be another good idea for a gift, the magazine subscription will usually last throughout the year and you can pick a magazine that will interest your friend into reading. Whether your friend is into fashion, golfing, cooking, etc there is a magazine out there for them. You could also purchase your friend a gift basket.

This is another popular idea that most people tend to select because you can’t really go wrong with buying a gift basket for someone. You can easily put together a selection of smaller gifts right into a large basket. This way your friends will have a variety of choices they get from you on the day of their birthday. Let’s say your friend is into Italian for you can place a pasta bowl, pasta, olive oil and so forth into the basket for them.

How about a calendar or diary, both items can also be a great gift to give you your friend on their birthday. Maybe your friend’s birthday is near or around the New Year getting them a New Year calendar can be a great idea. If you would like to make it a little more special you could personalize it and add some birthdays and reminders to the calendar. You could also look online; you can find some calendars that include photos that you can edit with notes within each date.

A charm bracelet could also be nice if the above ideas haven’t caught your mind. This is where you can add your personal touch and give your friend a special birthday gift. There are a lot of different gifts you can choose from for a friend. Depending on the friend likes and wants will determine what would be the perfect gift for you to give them. It’s not that hard there are tons of different choices you have when selecting a gift for a friend.

Want to find out more about Birthday Friend birthday message for a friend, then visit Jitske Memoli’s site on how to create a memolio album in a matter of minutes as one of the good ways to make Birthday Pictures

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The Great Salt Flat of Uyuni and Its Surroundings

Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes that reach 5000 meters above sea level, the Uyuni Salt Flat (Salar de Uyuni) in Bolivia is an immense white plain of 12.000 square kilometers of salt. It is the only place on Earth visible by the naked eye from the moon.

Some call it a desert – nothing lives here – while for others it is a sea. However, the only thing certain is that the Uyuni Salt Flats is a huge white plain surface formed by grain after grain of salt.

It is such an extraordinary place that no visitor has yet left unimpressed.

Once inside, when everything is white, it is very easy to get lost. For this reason it is essential that all incursions be made accompanied by an expert guide and a suitable all terrain vehicle. It is an extraordinary experience to cross this lake of salt by car, especially during the winter, because at that time the sky is completely clear and the bright blue color of the sky contrasts brilliantly with the salt. On a cloudy day there is a “white-out” effect: the horizon seems to blend in with the sky and you can hardly tell where the salt lake actually ends.

Getting to Uyuni requires certain sacrifice: 8 hours by bus from La Paz. There is a paved road up to Huari, but from there it is a dirt road with many bumps and ditches. The town of Uyuni has grown in recent years and the traveler can now find all that a tourist may need: from varied menus in several languages (though mostly based on llama meat) internet, to hotels of varying prices and service levels.

Several islands in the interior of the salt flat harbor unique forms of life and gigantic cactuses. During the rainy season, the surface is covered by a thin layer of water that presents a unique reflection. The horizon and the sky become one, making this place a paradise for the lovers of photography and nature.

Once at the salt flats and marveled by the fantastic immensity of this white desert, one may think that all the expectations of the trip have been met. However, there are even more amazing and mysterious attractions that reveal themselves to the fascinated tourists.

The Village of Four Names

San Pedro de Quemez, is a small village of about 60 families. It has been destroyed several times but the community has not dispersed.

In 1879, chilean tropos invaded the territory and destroyed the village made of stones. The inhabitants found refuge at the foot of a mountain where they erected Pueblo Refugio (Refuge Village). When the invaders left, they returned and reconstructed their village at the lower side of the hill, leaving the remains of Pueblo Quemado (Burnt Village) as a witness to the invasion and abandoning Pueblo Refugio.

Isla Incahuasi

This strange island in the middle of the salt flats is formed by volcanic rocks. The most characteristic of the island are the giant cactuses that grow here, some since hundreds of years. A short walk of about 10 minutes takes the visitor to the peak from where one can observe this impressive garden of thorns and marvel at the fabulous view of the white desert.

The cave of stars

About two hours away from San Pedro de Quemez are Cueva Galaxia (Galaxy Cave) and Cueva del Diablo (Devil’s Cave). The first is a rock fantasy that takes the visitor to another dimension. The rock formations were created when the salt flats were still a sea and the Thunupa volcano came into contact with the water about 225 million years ago. They resemble strange bones hanging from the ceiling and walls, forming extraordinary figures. Next to this cave is the Cueva del Diablo, which contains a cemetery or chullpar with human remains. It is a sacred burial ground surrounded by many myths.

At the feet of the Thunupa volcano

After a refreshing rest at the village of Tahua, the ascent towards Pucara Chilguilla may begin. Walking about an hour to the peak at over 3800 meters, the visitor’s resistance is severely tested. It is well worth the effort though: the views of the salt flat and the Thunupa volcano amidst the archeological ruins are simply spectacular. It is believed that these are the ruins of an Inca military post. At the shores of the salt desert, pink flamingos parade their beauty.

Museum of the mummies of Colquesa

About 15 minutes from Tahua, this impressive place conserves pre-Inca mummies and the remains of the rituals and burials of these ancient civilizations.

Visiting Uyuni is an ideal adventure for those who enjoy photography and the wonders of nature. Continuing the trip to the Eduardo Avaroa National Park and the Green and Colored Lagoons is part of this unforgettable journey.

Characteristics of the Uyuni Salt Flat:

The Uyuni Salt Flats, situated at the south-east area of Bolivia, cover an area of approximately 12000 square kilometers, almost the entire province of Daniel Campos.

It is formed by about 11 layers of salt, varying from 2 to 10 meters in thickness. The crust at the surface is about 10 meters thick. The estimated amount of salt is 64 billion tons.

The salt desert is the largest deposit of lithium in the world and contains significant amounts of potassium, magnesium and boron.

The salt deposit was formed by the disappearance of an inland sea that covered the entire Altiplano (High Plains) and extended to the Titicaca lake. Today, the Titicaca lake, the Poopo lake, the salt flats of Uyuni and Coipasa are what remain of this sea.

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Surfing Lessons For Newquay Visitors

Learn to surf in Newquay

Surfing is one of those activities which tend to come easier when you are in the midst of your youth. As you grow older the doubts begin to come in but for those who wish to develop the skill, you can find few better venues than the Newquay locality for learning the sport. Newquay is known as the surfing capital for the United Kingdom. Fistral beach is just a prime example of the world class surfing facilities that you will find in Cornwall. The peak season tends to hit around August when about one hundred and thirty thousand people descend on the town for the annual Boardmasters event that is brought to you courtesy of Rip Curl.

The great thing about learning to Surfing Lessons Fistral Beach is that you can start at virtually any level. Beginners and experimenters are very much welcome and you will not be pushed to do things that you are not yet capable of. The waves vary such that there is the leeway to put you on a particular set of waves that will not cause you too many problems. That is why people who wish to learn to surf tend to favor Newquay. It is a place where you can learn comfortably and improve your skills without the unnecessary pressure to perform at the highest levels of the sport. Once you learn the skill then the world is your oyster. You can decide to become a regular surf enthusiast or store the skills for when you go for another exotic holiday. Sennen Cove is particularly recommended for beginners because of the different types of waves that it has. Alternatively might want to consider Watergate bay if you are really confident about your skills. The bay has almost two miles of surfing turf and is home to the academy known as Xtreme.

Other surfing locations are not too far off

Further down the beach is the Porthleven centre that lies on the Lizard Peninsula. By most standards, this is one of the most premium reef break avenues in the whole of the United Kingdom. However you will need to be experienced in order to attempt the reef. Perhaps you could use it as a target for when you learn how to surf. Inspiration can come from some of the most unexpected places. The other alternative is Padstow, approximately a twenty minute drive north of Newquay, where the Camel Estuary can produce some big surf when the conditions are right. Be wary of the tide because it can be your best friend and your worst enemy, all within the gasps of a few split seconds.

If you want to indulge yourself totally with the Surfing Lessons Fistral Beach community in Cornwall, then the option can be accommodated as well. Because the town has recognized that this is a key revenue generating activity, a lot of emphasis has been placed on investing within the surfing business. For example you will find shops that sell surfing equipment at very competitive prices. There are also many companies that will offer trainers who can support those who are relatively new to the sport of surfing. I know that English weather is not what it ought to be but Newquay is rather sunny if you visit at the right time of the year. You can therefore learn while you relax and given the physical activity involved you might even end up losing a bit of weight in the process. This can only be a good thing for your health and wellbeing. I would heartily recommend Newquay as a destination for those who wish to develop their surfing skills.

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Trekking the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal – Travel Guide and Information

The Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal is one of the most famous trekking journeys in the country. Nepal is famous as “the Land of the Himalayas” and albeit it’s relatively small size, the country has the encompassment of a wide range of diversities that pertain to geography, culture and wildlife. Among the ten tallest mountains in the world, Nepal has eight of them, including Mount Everest- the tallest mountain peak on the planet. As such, trekking in Nepal has become one of the most sought-after adventure to do among enthusiastic travelers and trekkers all over the world. The country has many amazing trekking destinations that vary from each other in terms of topography, their cultural prominence and landscape. Every year, thousands of trekkers and travelers visit the country to enjoy its many natural, cultural and traditional hallmarks. Among all of the trekking destinations of Nepal, the region of Everest is considered the most famous, and the Everest Base Camp Trek is the most widely done trekking journey responsible for a large portion of revenue generation in the tourism sector of the country.

One would think that trekking to the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain peak is something that requires much effort and money, but that cannot be much farther than the truth. Everest Base Camp Trekking is cheap, super affordable to do, can be done at all times of the year and by people of all demographics. It can be done by novice first-time trekkers as well as experienced mountaineers. The base camp trek journey is a great opportunity to experience the Everest region’s (also called the Khumbu) many amazing features and aspects, like rich Sherpa culture, beautiful mountainous landscape brimming with river valleys, gorges, moraines, glaciers and mountain rivers and magnificent views and sights of the Mahalangur Himalayan range that consists of some of the tallest mountains on the planet. The Khumbu is a prime Sherpa settlement of Nepal and the region has a very rich and dense concentration of Sherpa tradition and practices that isn’t found anywhere else in the country. The legendary Sherpa people are also famous for their mountain-climbing ability and their agility in the Himalayas. As the indigenous mountain people mostly follow their own unique form of Buddhism, the Khumbu is ornamented with many chortens, Gumbas, small stupas, monasteries, prayer flags and Mani stone wall carvings. The trekking trail of the base camp trek to Everest goes through many villages of the Khumbu and also follows major mountain rivers that drain the region. Furthermore, the path to the base camp is decorated with alpine woods, forests and pastures in the low-lands and snowy acreages as the elevation rises. The views of cerulean mountain peaks like the Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, Changtse, Thamserku, Kongdi Ri and many more are also a constant presence as one treks on the amazing trail that goes through the heart of the Himalayan region.

The Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail

The journey to the base camp of Mount Everest usually starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. A plane journey from the capital of the country to Lukla takes about 30 to 40 minutes and is considered as one of the most dramatic short plane journeys on Earth. The Lukla Airport is also a very fascinating airport that is situated on a cliff and has a single runway that drops off to the gaping open valley below as the runway ends. It is surrounded by tall green hills and mountains, and the terrain at Lukla is quite different from Kathmandu. This change is felt immediately as one lands at Lukla. From the village of Lukla, the trekking trail then proceeds to go through villages like Phakding, Monjo, the Sagarmatha National Park, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche and Gorakshep before finally reaching the Everest Base Camp. Usually, the trekking journey lasts for two weeks, but this duration can be adjusted to suit the trekker’s requirements and conveniences. The duration from one location to the next takes about 5 to 6 hours as the distance between two consecutive villages in the Khumbu is about 10 to 12 kilometers. Acclimatization to the high altitude terrain is usually done in the famous mountain town of Namche Bazaar and Dingboche.

Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trekking

The trek can be done at any time of the year and is available to do throughout the year. Nepal mainly experiences four main seasons- autumn (September to December), spring (March to May), winter (the end of December to February) and summer (June to August). The autumn and the spring seasons are considered the best seasons for trekking the base camp trek because the weather conditions during these months are vastly favorable and suitable. The clouds tend to dissipate and the views of the mountains are clear. Summer and winter aren’t ideal for trekking, but the journey can still be gone through with. The monsoon occurs in the summer months and trekking trails become muddy and slippery with the constant rain. The views of the mountains are also not as clear as the autumn or spring seasons. In the winter, high passes in the mountains tend to become blocked due to heavy snow and the region experiences extreme cold temperatures. That is why autumn and spring are considered the peak trekking seasons as most of the trekkers to Everest arrive during this time and hotels and plane tickets become booked quickly.

Essential Trekking Equipment

Essential trekking equipments for the Everest Base Camp Trek include proper trekking boots, sleeping bag, duffle bags, hiking poles and appropriate hiking clothes. It is important to have trekking boots that you are comfortable with and have “broken into”. Trekking in boots that you are not comfortable in can result in blisters on the foot and just an unpleasant journey constantly ruined by the feel of uncomfortable boots in the mountainous terrain. That is why having good and comfortable trekking boots (of any brand, as long as you are comfortable wearing them) is important. It is also highly recommended to pack as light as possible. Packing lightly will result in fewer hassles and chances of losing things. In the mountains, porters are generally hired for carrying duffle bags. A porter is capable of carrying up to 25 kilogram of weight between two people. So packing a duffle bag that does not exceed the weight of more than 12 kg is the most appropriate way to go. Hotels in Kathmandu also provide services of safety storage lockers where you can store your excess luggage not really necessary for the trek. There are many shops in Kathmandu that sell trekking and hiking equipments. You can rent/hire them once you arrive in the city as well before you start the trek. A proper Down Jacket is necessary, but if you are trekking during the autumn or spring, the temperatures during the day remain mildly warm and you can hike comfortably in T-shirts and hiking shorts. The temperature does drop down a notch or two as the sun sets and the atmosphere becomes chilly, so warm caps, wool socks and jackets come in handy. Other essential items can include sunscreens, sun-glasses and hiking hats.

The Accommodations and Meals during the journey

Kathmandu has a wide range of hotels ranging from three-star to five-stars categories. But once the trek commences, the availability of the accommodations in the mountains can be limited to guesthouses, tea-houses and lodges. Places like Namche Bazaar, Phakding and Lukla do have the availability of guesthouses that offer more services, but the rest of the places present basic guesthouse accommodations. That is not to say that the accommodations are not comfortable. On the contrary, the guesthouses and the lodges are very comfortable and breakfast and dinner are served there. Generally, twin-sharing lodge-to-lodge accommodations are available in the mountains and trekkers are sometimes required to share the room with other trekkers (of the same gender). Electricity is available at all guesthouses and some even have the service of wifi. Laundry services are not really available, except at Namche, Lukla and Phakding and extra amount have to be paid to use hot water.

Regarding meals, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are available. Breakfast in the guesthouses can vary from oats, toasts, eggs, pancakes and juice to dumplings, noodles and pastas. For dinner, trekkers generally have rice and vegetables. Lunch is served along the journey from one destination to the next in the afternoon. Drinking water can be bought from the shops in the mountains. The cost of a liter of water during trekking is about USD 100 or 150. Trekkers can also bring water-purifying tablets with them. This method is the best for drinking water because it is less harmful to the environment as opposed to buying plastic water bottles in the mountains and is easier to carry and execute. There are many springs, wells and pumps in the villages in the mountains and filling up the bottle and purifying it with the tablet makes it appropriate for drinking. It is important to know that the tap waters are not suitable for direct consumption, and using precautionary measures like water-purifying tablets are necessary before consuming the water during trekking.

Altitude Sickness and Acclimatization

Altitude Sickness is a condition of the body that occurs when the body is not able to adjust to the high altitude conditions in the mountains. The occurrence of this sickness varies from person to person. If the symptoms of the sickness are not taken care of properly, the condition can even turn serious. That is why having proper and enough acclimatization time is important while trekking to let the body adjust to the altitude difference. Ploughing through the trek without properly acclimatizing is strongly advised against, especially for novice trekkers. Some of the symptoms of the sickness include headache, loss of sleep and appetite. It is important to stay properly hydrated while trekking and eating contently for energy. Going slow and steady in your own comfortable pacing is recommended. Medicines for the sickness can also be taken to reduce its chances. Medicines like Diamox helps. Some trekkers even take the medicine from the very beginning of the trek from Kathmandu itself. If the symptoms of the sickness occurs and one isn’t able to continue further on, then it is advised to stay and rest until one feels better before continuing on.


There are many money exchange centers in Kathmandu where you can exchange foreign currency. Taking foreign currency in the mountains is not advised because it can prove to be a hassle. Instead, exchanging money before the trek starts is the best way to avoid unnecessary hassles while trekking. Local currency also lets one buy things and pay for services in the mountains easily.

The Shera Sherpa Adventures  is a journey that takes trekkers and travelers out of their comfort zone, but that is one of its many appeals. It is a journey that immerses the trekkers in a profound sense of accomplishment as one reaches the base camp of the tallest mountain peak. The journey contains many highlights as well, like the vantage point of Kalapatthar which is famous for its panoramic view of the entire Mount Everest massif, the holy Tengboche monastery, the Khumbu Glacier and Icefall, the town of Namche Bazaar also referred to as “the Gateway to Everest”, the Sagarmatha National Park, verdant rhododendron forests and of course- the Himalayas. It is great way to observe Sherpa culture and to enjoy the mountainous landscape of the Khumbu. It is a journey that has to be done at least once in life!

Nepal is a country that offers so much more. It is a cornucopia of ancient cultures and traditions in their finest forms, rich bio-diversities and magnificent Himalayas. The Everest Base Camp Trek is just one of many options that are available to do in the country. Nepal is an ideal destination for your next vacation or family holiday! For best travel deals and well-rounded trekking packages in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, you can visit Shera Sherpa Adventures/.

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Pet Friendly Rental Homes – Now You Can Give Your Pet a Relaxing Place to Stay

Are you going on a vacation and would like to bring your pet along? Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors or having a road trip, your pet is your faithful companion that will always give you great company and variety when you travel. One important aspect of your vacation is getting a good place to lodge when the need arises.

You don’t want to find you and your pet in a position where you can’t find a decent place to stay, let alone a hotel or motel that does not allow pets inside. It’s better to be prepared before your scheduled vacation with your pet, so why not scout around for the best pet friendly rental homes? There are sure to be plenty of vacation hotel, motels, apartments, cabins, or even small vacation houses that you can rent so that you and your pet can have a place to stay.

It does not matter if your pet is a large dog or even a small cat because the majority of these lodgings accommodate mostly the feline and canine species; they often have good amenities and facilities as well as walking parks and extra space in the bedroom with extra sheets for your pet! You might be surprised to find pet care centers nearby so you can be ready for any emergency as well. Just do your research well and you’ll find pet friendly rental homes at your vacation destination.

Check out the latest listing for those rental homes online. There are many of them with services that will also cater to taking care of your pet so there won’t be any hassle when you choose the place and type of room that you want. Now you can enjoy the sights and sounds while on vacation and your pet can have a relaxing stay in a pet friendly rental home that you chose!

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Finding a Pet-Friendly Rental Home

You have been looking around for months. This house is too expensive. That house is in the wrong area. There is just no way that you can live with the color of the walls in that other house. And then it happens – you find the perfect house to rent. Excitedly you rush round to meet the agent and the owner, your beloved pooch in tow. And they take one look at Fido and shake their heads. You are crushed, you can’t choose between your pet and a house. So the search starts all over again.

This might sound like a familiar story to many of us. In the current economic climate, very few people can afford to buy a property and rather choose to rent. But many properties available for rent come with a strict “no pets” policy. This can be exceptionally frustrating for pet-owners. There is nothing worse than taking the time and effort to go through the process of viewing a house to rent and then being turned down because of your love for animals.

Some Guidelines to Easily Finding a Home for You and Your Pet

The best way to deal with this problem is to be prepared in advance. Understand that your pet could potentially create problems and start your rental property search with this in the forefront of your mind.

The first step is to start your house hunt a little bit earlier. Finding a pet-friendly rental home might be difficult, so give yourself some extra time to find the right one.

You should also not go into this process with the wrong attitude. Property owners do not disallow pets out of spite; they have probably just had a bad experience with a previous pet owner. Take the time to convince the owner that you are a responsible pet owner and will rectify any damages out of your own pocket. You can even highlight your good faith by having such a clause written into the lease agreement – ensuring that you will have the carpets cleaned when you leave or have the garden serviced.

In your effort to prove yourself as a responsible pet owner, gather as much documentation as you can to support your claim. Letters from a dog training school verify that your pet is house trained or a testimonial from your vet guarantees your pet is sterilised and that you are conscientious with its medical care. If possible, acquire a letter of reference from your previous landlord stating that you were indeed a diligent pet owner and tenant.

When meeting a landlord or owner for the first time, be upfront about your pet. Trying to sneak an animal in at the last minute will create an air of distrust between you and the landlord and could even leave you faced with eviction.

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and your pet. Emphasis how well behaved your dog is and bring him or her along to prove it. You could also turn the difficulty of finding a pet-friendly rental home to your advantage. Point out that pet owners make better tenants as they are willing to stay in one home for longer as it is tricky to find another. This saves landlords and owners time and money in constantly searching for new tenants.

The last step is to know when to cut your losses. Large rental companies with a “no pets” policy are unlikely to be swayed. Rather move on and don’t waste time and energy on a futile cause.

What to Do When You Finally Find Your Pet-Friendly Home

Once you have found the perfect rental home that is willing to welcome you and your pet with open arms, your work is still not done. You must get permission to keep a pet in writing, usually in the form of an addendum to your lease agreement. If your lease initially specified no pets, ensure that that is crossed out and initialed in both your and the landlord’s copy of the document. Many landlords will require you to pay an extra pet deposit to cover any damages. Ensure that this too is in writing and specifies how much will be returned to you upon the completion of your lease. You should also make sure that you have a copy of any house or complex rules that pertain to pets.

Finding a Pet Friendly Rental Property Online

As we all know, one of the easiest ways to find anything these days is online and finding a pet-friendly property to rent is no exception. There are many resources online that can point you in the right direction.

Online property portals are also convenient and quick, letting you peruse rental homes at your leisure, choosing to view only those that appeal to you. Some property websites state upfront in the listing description whether or not a house is pet-friendly. This saves you time and money as you do not even have to waste a phone call on those houses that would be unwillingly to welcome your pet.

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Pet Friendly Rentals – Sure to Satisfy Even the Connoisseur

Everyone with a pet can understand wanting to keep those smaller members of the family with you where ever you go, whether you are moving to a new permanent location or going somewhere for an extended holiday. Any apartment you rent will need to be pet friendly, and when you take your canine friend on vacations with you to various places all over the world, it is important to locate a place that is pet friendly. Do your research on pet friendly rentals to create the least stressful vacation once you reach your destination.

Apartments that permit pets do more of a service than you might think. Because it allows pet owners to keep their pets, it gives otherwise homeless or abandoned dogs and cats a loving place to call home. The reason many apartment complex housing managers hesitate to allow pets in their establishments is because of the damage an irresponsible pet owner can cause to an apartment.

If more pet owners committed to taking responsible care of their animals, there might be more pet friendly rentals available on the market. As it is, there are many communities that welcome pet owners and their loyal companions. Before deciding on one place or another, be sure to do plenty of research to find out if such things as nonrefundable pet deposits apply to the places you are interested in.

Whether you are planning a vacation that will involve staying in a hotel, vacation rental, or bed and breakfast, pet friendly rentals are essential to keeping those important members of the family with you. Anyone who has traveled with a pet should understand how difficult it can be to find a top-notch place to stay that also allows pets.

Just because you bring them with you should not mean you have to compromise your comfort or cleanliness to find a pet friendly rental where ever you may be traveling. There are high end hotels all over the nation that supply popular amenities like high speed internet for free, television with movies on-demand, wall-mounted hair dryers, coffee makers and other comforts to make you feel more at home. Other conveniences might include a pool or a complimentary breakfast. Research different pet friendly rentals before you decide on one.

Millions of people own pets and want to live in and travel to places that accommodate them and their four-legged friends. Why should you want any less? And, as someone who expects the best for your dog, don’t settle.

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Hilton Head Island Resorts – The Best Pet Friendly Rentals You Can Find in the South

Summer is in full swing in the Southeast. As the temperatures crest the triple digit markers throughout the United States, throngs of beach goers are flocking to vacation rentals along the refreshing waters and breezy white sand dunes of the Atlantic coast.

One demographic often gets left out of these opportunities for escaping – pet owners. There is a noticeable lack of pet friendly rentals and beaches for those toting their four-legged companions along on family vacations, relegating them to cheap interstate motels and designated pet areas miles from the coast.

Alas, Hilton Head Island is a haven for pet owners looking to enjoy a vacation with the whole family. This resort-style island is replete with award winning restaurants such as the Dunes House, ocean front rental properties like Palmetto Dunes Rentals and Resort, pro level golf courses such as Author Hills, and miles and miles of white sand beaches that slope gently into a tranquil sea. And best of all these beaches are pet friendly!

All of Hilton Head’s beaches allow well-behaved pets with well-behaved owners. During the busy summer months, from the Friday before Memorial Day until the Monday after Labor Day, leashed animals are allowed on the beach before 10A.M. and after 5P.M. From April to May, animals are allowed off-leash in the mornings and evening and must be leashed from 10A.M-5P.M. And from October through March, your pets are allowed to roam freely at all hours of the day and night!

To boot, there are some fantastic Hilton Head pet friendly rentals available, catering to vacationers with their furry companions in toe. The island offers rentals ranging from five bedroom estates up private drives to cozy cabanas only a couple steps from the water’s edge.

These properties are definitely a step up from your average roadside motel, offering such amenities as oversized master suites and secluded in-law cottages, private patio pools and hot tubs, and covered verandas and gourmet kitchens. Whether you are looking for a 6000 square foot manor sitting atop the sand dunes, or a sheltered hamlet tucked back among the Palmetto groves, Hilton Head has hundreds of accommodations and rental properties for your entire family, both human and k-9.

In an effort to ensure that Hilton Head remains pet friendly, animal owners are encouraged to follow a few basic rules while visiting the island. Be sure to follow all city and beach ordinances, and have your animals leashed in all public areas and parks. Be sure to pick up after your pet both around town and down by the water’s edge; this ensures both clean beaches and sidewalks and cuts down on a lot of complaints from local residents and neighbors.

Remember, not everyone on the island loves your pet as much as you do. Be sure to have your animal under positive voice control while enjoying off-leash time on the beach and in nearby dog parks. These simple rules will ensure that Hilton Head remains a pet friendly place for years to come.

While there are many Atlantic coast beaches where animal lovers cannot catch a break, Hilton Head is a pet friendly haven that has a slue of rental houses and beaches that welcome you and your family friend with open arms.

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